DIY Handmade Washing Machine Rack

This handmade washing machine storage rack give a new twist for my bathroom. Since the shelf of the washing machine rack had become old, I made the cover with the wood. With a few simple wicker baskets you can win a space that will serve towel rack in the bathroom. Washing storage racks are ideal… Read More »

Types of Freestanding Bathtubs

Freestanding bathtubs are great when it comes to relaxing, and many people love the unique look and feel of freestanding bathtubs. There are many different types on the market, and finding the perfect one depends on what you want out of your tub. There are some made for sitting, and there are others made for… Read More »

Kids Bathroom Ideas

One of the simplest and cheapest options in a kid’s bathroom decor is brightly painted walls. They make an impressionable impact and, best of all, are easy and inexpensive to alter or upgrade. Safety in the kids bathroom Child safety in the bathroom is of paramount importance, and for those parents who would actually leave… Read More »

How to Lay Tile in Bathroom Floor

Tiles make every bathroom a beautiful and stylish whole. They are strong and durable, you can enjoy for years without losing their luster. Shower tiles are at their best in a walk-in shower; your bathroom trend now. With such type of shower runs the floor as usual, has to see all the tiles so that… Read More »

Slate Tile Bathroom Floor

Slate tile bathroom floor are not only popular for their sturdy appearance, but also to its affordable price and maintainability. It is a durable floor and  very suitable for the bathroom. Moreover, slate floor tiles very susceptible to scratches and stains. An ideal floor for a family with children. From industrial to modern A tiled… Read More »