KB Sound Bathroom and Kitchen Radio Systems Revealed

KB Sound Systems, whats the difference between them? What’s the best one for you?

For those of you that are not in the know, KB Sound is the company that make bathroom or kitchen radio systems that go through a hole in the ceiling like that of a down light. It’s said that it’s the “little things that make life;” if that’s the case then this is a little thing worth investing in.

There are five main KB Sound systems that are available and this blog post is aimed at explaining each system’ s pro’s and con’s.

KB Sound Plus

This little system is available in white, chrome and satin silver (nickel) it’s a basic system that draws you into the KB range offering two 1.5watt speakers that give a surprisingly good output. It’s an FM based system that uses a little aerial like the one you see on your clock radios. It can also have a hardwire FM aerial wired into it. So what’s good? It’s quite a cheap little system at around £90.00, and even though it has small speakers the output is great and it’s perfect for a smaller kitchen, bathroom or even a small office. It’s easy to install and the speakers are about the same size as an average down light at 65mm. One potential drawback is that It can sound a little lost in a large area. The remote has no screen so it can be harder than the bigger systems to program. BUT all in all it’s a great little system and great value for money.

KB Sound Select

The most popular of the KB systems available in white, chrome and satin silver (nickel). This system was the first in the KB range to feature a remote control with an LCD screen. It has two 2.5watt speakers that give a fantastic output and quality. It’s an FM based system but watch this space because there is a DAB version of the select planned to be released later this year. So what’s good about it? What surprised me the most was the sound quality, and being some that likes loud music this system is perfect as it maintains good quality even when the volume is cranked up! So good is the quality that the speakers are even used on the top of the range DAB system. Yet again it’s easy to install in a finished room as it only requires two holes in the ceiling. Its stores 20 stations and you can go straight to them on the presets on the control. The LCD makes the remote so much more user friendly. Apart from being more expensive then the basic system, there’s nothing really to moan about, thus making it the most popular KB system on the market.

KB Sound 5″

This system is one of the newer systems and is a mix of both of the above. It has massive 5″ speakers offering a stereo 1.5 + 1.5 watt speakers that offer unbelievable quality and a volume that will shake your ceiling. Like the select it has a remote control with LCD screen, and is an FM based system. This system has all of the benefits that the above systems posses plus the added volume of two 5″ stereo speakers. However; cutting 5″ holes in you ceiling is not as easy and can be a little messy but it’s well worth it if you like your music loud. I would recommend this system if you are redecorating. It is only available in white.

KB Sound Premium

This system is the FM hard wired system that has a box unit that mounts on the wall. It’s available in white, chrome and satin silver. It has fascias that come in a range of colours that can be matched to your wall at a small extra cost. It uses two 2.5 watt speakers like the select system. What’s good about it? Well the sound quality is great like the select, and the control unit on the wall has a jack plug which allows you to plug your CD player, mp3 or iPod into it using a jack lead which are available for pennies even in your local supermarket. Because of the wall box it can be a tad more messy to install as cables must be rundown the wall on instillation. Although there are sometimes easier ways round it can sometimes be a costly job. I recommend this system if you are refitting or redecorating.

KB Sound DAB Premium

This system is the dab system which is currently the only one KB Sound do. It is available in white, chrome and satin silver. The system has changeable fronts like the premium. The speakers are again the 2.5 watt ones that come on the select. The system offers FM and dab signals so unlike the other systems it can pick up some stations that are not available on FM and it’s in crystal clear dab! The DAB can be used with a dab aerial. The good stuff… as its dab the sound is unbeatable clear so when combined with great speakers you are provided with exceptional entertainment. The box again allows for the jack lead so you can plug you mp3 and iPods into it. Like the premium, installing is more advanced with the set up and running of cables. But this is a great system and any extra set up time it takes it is definitely worth it. You simply won’t be disappointed with this or any KB system you buy. All the systems come with a 2 years warranty and there are more big things planned for the future. The innovative ideas that KB Sound successfully materialse are what keep them at the forefront of their industry.

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