Five Best Ways To Get Hemorrhoid Relief

Hemorrhoid relief is what you’re certainly going to look for especially after seeing bright blood spots in your feces after a bowel movement. It is also relief from hemorrhoids you’d be searching for while the irritation from the lumps in your anus are getting more and more sore and uncomfortable. In this article, let’s talk some terrific ways on how to get relief.

1. Follow a better diet — Yes, adopting a superior diet can significantly help. It’s recommended to increase roughage consumption so constipation and straining of the bowel can be prevented. You may be surprised at how fast this relief can be. Cereals, dark-green leafy vegetables, whole grains, and citrus fruits can quickly furnish you hemorrhoid relief.

2. Follow better toilet habits — The way you use the bathroom has got to do with hemorrhoids as well. You see, when you stay on the toilet too long (more than five minutes), you are likely to exacerbate the issue because you’re putting too much pressure on the bowel. You should start timing your toilet use. It would also be astute to use a footrest while seated to decrease the stress and find hemorrhoid relief. Wiping lightly would also provide relief from hemorrhoids as it would not exacerbate the already swollen veins.

3. Sleep with your legs elevated — What? Sleeping with your legs raised can supply hemorrhoid relief? Yes! Something as simple as this is able to bring relief. This posture makes the blood flow smoother and lessens the pressure on the veins, thus, you experience relief from the hemorrhoids. You can elevate you legs by simply using a pillow or two behind your calves. You could also want to position pillows on either side so you can maintain either leg elevated when you shift positions. This is one of the simplest ways to savor relief from the pain that hemorrhoids bring.

4. Avoid being sedentary — Relief can also be attained by continuous movement. Being sedentary will not do your piles good. Sitting down or standing up for long hours will disturb the inflamed veins further. For hemorrhoid relief, the right thing to do is take brief breaks and do some stretching or walking. You can also engage in routine physical workout. Now, some people say that exercising too much can aggravate piles. While this may be true, the added symptoms are also expected to go away on their own. Hence, it’s OK to continue exercising. In fact, it can facilitate better blood circulation and also help provide hemorrhoid relief.

5. Utilize lubricating agents — Just in case you are a frequent sufferer of constipation, you can employ some lubricating agents for hemorrhoid relief aside from consuming fiber. Lubricants can yield relief by making the stools pass more effortlessly through the affected region. Using some petroleum jelly and cotton swab, apply a modest quantity on the anal region for speedy relief.

These are a few of the ways to get hemorrhoid relief. They are very elementary and effective. They can give you relief from hemorrhoids without having to go to the doctor or using more difficult techniques. Of course, there may be times when you need to opt for more methods especially if your case is serious. However, these hemorrhoid relief tips can unquestionably help a lot in alleviating the nettlesome symptoms.

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